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Run Faster, Run Longer, Get Stronger with Pace To Race

Don’t just calculate your pace, run at your pace with the first app of its kind to deliver a virtual pacer and trainer into your pocket and is even compatible with Strava & TrainAsONE.

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1st app of its kind with a virtual pacer & trainer in your pocket.  The running app for all levels of runner.

Is this you?

  • Set-off too fast on a run & run out of steam before the end?
  • Frustrated by existing apps or watches only giving time feedback every 1km/1mile and by then it’s too late to react?
  • Difficulty in pacing yourself on a slower run?
  • Sick of training plans telling you that to achieve your goals you should run at certain speeds for certain distance/time periods, yet give you NO way to achieve this?
  • Lose track of where you need to be during a race to achieve your PB or goal?
  • Want to learn to run in a safe progressive way?

This is the solution. Our virtual pacer technology will guide through your training plans & races.  Stick with the pacer & you WILL achieve your goals.

  • SEE the pacer clear graphical representation within the app you always know where you are.  
  • HEAR the pacer – discrete audio feedback you know your relative position to the virtual pacer at all times so they can adjust your pace within seconds and before it’s too late!
  • FEEL The Pacer – tactile vibration feedback using a simulated heartbeat indicating if you need to slow down, speed up or you’re on pace.

All configurable to your preferences & for ONE WEEK try the app with our no signup no obligation subscription.

Sounds great?  That’s because IT IS great!  Our virtual pacer takes the virtual rabbit pacer concept to the next level & it’s compatible with Strava & TrainAsONE.

Overview :

  • Free running – For when you just go for a run.
  • Fully configurable, km/miles, distance

frequency, feedback detail level – the list is endless & has all the options to tune it to how YOU like it.

 Top Features :

  • Compatible with Strava & TrainAsONE
  • Free 0-5k Training plan
  • Start modes Countdown or Movement based
  • Full run history with split, pace, elevation & distance including relation to pacer, with detailed charts.

 Avanti Premium Features :

  • Full bespoke training plan generator that uses the pacer technology to guide you through your workout with clear step-by-step instructions and pacing to get maximum results
  • Built in 5k-10k plan for those progressing up.
  • Connect to your TrainAsONE account & follow the plans within the app, with the pacer!

 Workout Generation – Create your own custom workouts for training & races.  Here’s what you can do:-

  • Race Pacer – set distance, time & even a sprint finish all with pacer feedback.
  • Run To Pace – Set pacer speed (per km or per mile) with audio, visual or tactile pacer feedback.
  • Tempo Workouts – Create your own with different length segments at different speeds including warmup / cooldown periods.
  • Interval/Tabata Workouts – Push yourself harder as the pacer nails those intervals with repeat, pause, distance & time options.
  • Walking mode
  • Run/Jog/Walk – Jeffing style workouts

MORE Avanti Features

  • Auto pause
  • Weather – recording of the weather with each run so you can see how it affects performance.

 The perfect 80/20 training plan companion!