Pace To Race was created out of our own personal desire & passion to run better. We knew we were poor at setting our pace on longer runs, were ineffectively following training plans as we were failing to run at the right speeds at the right time and ultimately we were getting nowhere despite our best efforts.
We tried traditional running apps and none could help, so an idea was born and Pace To Race was created.

Whilst being a fully fledged running app we created a Virtual Trainer & Pacer at the very heart of the application. This Virtual buddy accompanies you on every run, following your workouts, training guides and race plans, and via our innovative technology will provide realtime feedback on where you are so you can adjust your pace.

No longer do you have to wait for the 1 mile/1km marker to realise you are off track, with Pace To Race you will know in seconds. The app has helped runners achieve goals they never thought possible and since the creation of the app Kipchoge showed the world what could be achieved with the help of a virtual pacer, now try it for yourself and see what you can achieve.

Think about it…. has this ever been you?
• Set-off too fast and ran out of steam before the end?
• Sick of training plans telling you that to achieve your goals you should run at certain speeds for certain distance/time periods, yet give you NO way to achieve this?
• Frustrated by existing apps/watches giving feedback every 1km/1mile and by then it’s too late to react?
• Difficulty in pacing yourself on a slower run?
• Lose track of where you need to be during a race to achieve your goal?

This is the solution !

How does this work ?

Analyse >- Multiple sensors continuously monitor your performance against the pacer
Adapt -> Real-time performance feedback enables you to correct your pace and reach your goal.
Accelerate -> Take your running to the next level with custom pacer guided training and workout plans.

Sounds great? That’s because IT IS great! It is what you have been waiting for!

Don’t just take our word for it, just read what our customers are saying

Get Out The Door

and start running with the pacer.

  • Clean, clear display
  • See, hear and feel your distance to the pacer with our unique technology.
  • Real time maps & splits as you run

Training Plans

train like never before as you are guided through each step by the virtual pacer and trainer.

  • Generate custom training plans
  • Pacer guides you each step of the way
  • Pacer adjusts its speed according to each step of your plan, stay with the pacer – nail the plan!

Create unlimated pacer guided workouts and races

Unlimited user created pacer workouts for training, races & rehabilitation mean no matter what your goal the pacer can help.

  • Free Running
  • Run/Jog Mode
  • Set Pace
  • Race Mode
  • Tempo Runs
  • Interval & Tabata Runs

See your running history

Detailed post run analysis that can be shared to Strava, SmashRun, TrainAsONE, Apple Health and Google Fit. It’s your data so yours to share.

  • Splits
  • Pace & Elevation Charts
  • Run maps (Heatmaps coming soon)
  • Weather
  • Weekly, Monthly & Yearly totals and averages.

Virtual Coach & Pacer

Run like never before with our Virtual Coach & Pacer joining you on every run guiding you through every workout, training and race and giving you instant feedback on your pace.

Custom Training Plans

Generate custom training plans that use the pacer technology to guide you through your workout with clear step-by-step instructions and pacing to get maximum results.

Fully configurable

Km/miles, distance frequency, feedback detail level - the list is endless & has all the options to tune it to how YOU like it.

Connected Apps and Services

Integration with Strava, Apple Health, Google Fit, SmashRun and TrainAsONE

Workout Generation

Create your own custom workouts for training & races.

Detailed Analysis

Splits, Charts, Weather and post run plan analysis

See our app in action

Our advanced pacer technology guides you through every workout, training session and race to help you reach your goals.

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