Perfectly Pace Every Run

It has been scientifically proven that pacing increases focus & optimises running. Use Pace To Race’s AI running coach & virtual pacer to reach your full potential in training & races by being perfectly paced.

All you need is your smart phone.

Run Like Never Before!

Our app is available on any mobile device! Download now to get started!

Think about it…. has this ever been you?
• Set-off too fast and ran out of steam before the end?
• Sick of training plans telling you what to do, yet give you NO way to achieve this in the real world?
• Have existing apps/watches give you feedback every 1km/1mile and by then it’s too late to react?
• Difficulty in pacing yourself on a slower run? Interval Run? Tempo Run?
• Lose track of where you need to be during a race to achieve your goal?

You’ve probably turned to all the traditional apps, wearables, training plans and they all keep telling you what to do to achieve your goals, but gave you no way to achieve it as they are simply passive recording devices with no in-run reactive feedback to help you.

Pace To Race is the solution you have been waiting for.

Get ready to run like never before with our next generation of running app with a AI running coach and virtual pacer that guides you in real-time to achieve goals never before possible.Our virtual buddy accompanies you on every run, following your workouts, training plans and race plans, and provides you with near instantaneous real-time feedback on where you are so you can adjust your pace and nail the plan.

Every Day is Race Day!

With our Ghost runs, virtual challenges & challenge a friend features you are never far from your next race. Our app replays your own or friends runs in real time, speeding up and slowing down exactly where they did to create the ultimate challenges.

Get Ready To Challenge Yourself

Built by runners for runners

Check out what you can do with this app!

Train the way you want

With built in training plans, ability to create your own workouts and TrainAsONE integration your options are limitless


Integrations with Strava, Smashrun, Relive, Apple Health, Google Fit, TrainAsOne & Bluetooth heart rate monitor support.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed analytics and graphs for each run and weekly, monthly & yearly statistics to keep you informed.

Every day is race day

Find & share race challenges with people all over the world! Our Ghost Pacer replays the opponents run in real time for you to race against.

We  new friends!